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 Refinancing A Residence That Is Titled In Your Trust. 

Question:    We're refinancing our house. It is titled in our Living Trust. Our Banker tells us she needs a copy of our entire trust. Do we have to give the Banker a copy of our entire trust?
Answer:     Lenders are cautious about loaning money on real estate owned by a Trust. They need to know who the Trustees are, that the Trustees have authority to borrow money and to pledge assets of the Trust as collateral. For these reasons, lenders ask a lot of questions and demand Trust documents when the collateral is owned by a Trust.  Read More...

 Special Needs Beneficiary 

Question:     Our son will never be able to support himself because of his disabilities. Who will provide for him and care for him when we are gone?
Answer:     Planning for a Special Needs Beneficiary may involve three or more generations of the family. Parents, Grandparents and other relatives have an interest in providing for a Special Needs Beneficiary through proper estate planning. A Special Needs Beneficiary may qualify to receive government sponsored benefits for medical care, disability income, supplemental income, transportation, housing, and other needs.
The family must take great care in planning for the Special Needs Beneficiary to provide care and financial support that will benefit the Special Needs Beneficiary while not interfering with the Beneficiary’s government sponsored benefits.  Read More...


Will or Trust? Yes!

Question:   To Will or To Trust? That is the question.
Answer:     Yes. That is the answer! 
A Will has several important parts.
It revokes all prior Wills.
It nominates an Executor to wind up your affairs.
It may nominate a Guardian if you leave minor or incompetent children.
It names who should get the assets you leave behind.
However, a Will has two shortcomings. 

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