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Times Change.
Values Endure.

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The Letter and Spirit of the Law

Volume XXXII, Number 1 Lutz Attorneys 2012
4334 West Central Avenue, Suite 238, Toledo, Ohio 43615 419-578-9211

Times Change Values Endure

Change, for the sake of change alone, offers little hope for improvement. Change that reflects events in your life is essential to keeping your estate plan current and effective. Your values probably won’t change much over the years. Many other aspects of your life and experience, though, will change. Those changes should prompt some attention to your estate plan.

In estate planning, as in life, we hope for and expect the best, but we plan for many unpleasant events, such as disability and death. If and when something threatens our assets, our loved ones, our privacy, we have a plan in place to handle the problems: auto, health, homeowner’s and life insurance and estate planning. Change comes from two directions: inside and outside.

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